dance recital videos

The Next Step

If you would like us to e-mail you our current recital packages, please e-mail us at or call/text 609.566.8598.

The next step is to select a package. Once you choose a package option, we will send you our reservation form.  If using Inspire! Dance Films for the first time, a deposit of $300 will be due with the reservation form.  The deposit will be applied to your final balance.  After your first time using Inspire! no deposit will be required.

Once we receive the completed reservation form, we will generate the video order form (if going with the flash drive option) and e-mail to you to pass along to your families.


Some of my parents still insist on DVDs.  How do we address this?

After your performance is edited and delivered, we will still offer flash drives (and yes) DVDs to anyone who would like to purchase after your initial video order is placed.  We will have a link to our online storefront where students/parents can order directly.  We ship directly to the purchaser so no need for you to be involved in the process.  All post-performance orders on our storefront are delivered within one week.


I see you are based in NJ. What states do you service?

Inspire! Dance Films is a national company and we service all 48 continental states.  We have qualified cinematographers in every state and owner/operator Andy Kershenblatt will often fly out to your location to film your performance(s).  We love meeting new friends in every part of the country.


How long does final delivery take?

With online delivery, we can have the finished project e-mailed to you within 5 to 7 days.  For delivery of flash drives, we advise waiting about 3 weeks to insure every student/parent has an opportunity to purchase.


Do you offer two-camera productions?

Currently, Inspire! Dance Films only offers one-camera productions.  To be honest, we do not like the split screen look (have you ever seen a split-screen in a feature film?).  We also film several performances a day so we want to make sure we have enough cinematographers for every studio.  It also allows us to finalize editing and delivery quickly.


Will the audio be clear?

Absolutely. We always take a direct feed from the soundboard and mix in the on-camera shotgun mic for audio reaction and taps, which some sound boards do not include in their feed.


Can I fast forward quickly to see a particular dance?

Yes, all videos (digital, flash drive) come with a scroll bar at the bottom and you can advance to any part of the video in three to five seconds.


Can I sell the digital download to just some of my students and can it be password protected?

Most studios sell or include the digital delivery to all families.  Some will roll this fee into a slight tuition increase or a separate media fee. The digital video can be password protected, as well.  We also find when all families know they are getting a professionally produced video, they put away their cellphones in the theater and enjoy the performance.


Will my families be able to both watch and download the digital link?

This is completely up to you.  You have the option of having the video only viewable or if can be viewed, downloaded and shared.  Most directors choose to have all three options available to their families as they will see it as a better value.  These options, as well as the password-protected option, can be changed at any time after delivery.


Questions: E-mail us at or call/text 609.566.8598.